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In January 2020 Highways England published a supplementary consultation setting out changes to the design of the Lower Thames Crossing.  TGKP remains fundamentally a strong supporter of the Lower Thames Crossing.  But the latest changes proposed have not won our unequivocal support. 

Writing to Jim O'Sullivan, the Chief Executive of Highways England, Matthew Norwell has stressed the Partnership's view that the Lower Thames Crossing is a must-do investment to relieve the overloaded Dartford Crossing.  But it is also a once-in-a-generation investment.  It is therefore crucial to get it right and not to value engineer down to a design that fails to hit the mark.  There are too many unanswered question about the environmental impacts and steps to be taken to mitigate them, and it is unclear how the Crossing would deliver the promised economic benefits to North Kent.  We have continued to press for additional investment across the strategic network linking the Channel Ports to the M25, to ensure it is fit for purpose by the time the new Crossing opens.

You can find TGKP's response on our Statements and consultation responses page.