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Overview of Priorities

The Partnership's priorities are set out in the Thames Gateway Kent Plan for Growth 2014-20

The summary Brochure, Main Report and Evidence Review for the Plan can be found here.  (The previous, 2012 version and associated documents can be found in our Archive).

The Plan sets out the economic priorities for how the economy of North Kent can be supported and the key investment opportunities that will deliver the new jobs and houses for the future. 

The level of economic growth we aspire to for North Kent will not be delivered through growth in existing business alone. Redevelopment of the large tracts of brownfield land across the area will be crucial for achieving our ambitions and unlocking Key Development & Investment Opportunities is already underway, with some being taken forward by the private sector and others requiring some level of public sector intervention.

Together these will help deliver our vision, objectives and broad ambition to achieve sustainable economic growth in the current economic and political context.

This page also highlights opportunities to shape important issues impacting on North Kent, such as the consultation on on the route for the Lower Thames Crossing.