The Thames Gateway Kent Growth Plan was published by the Partnership in May 2011.  This sets out the economic priorities for how the economy of North Kent can be supported and the key sites that will deliver the new jobs and houses for the future.  Together these will help deliver our vision, objectives and broad ambition to achieve sustainable economic growth in the current economic and political context.

The economic priorities set out in the Growth Plan draws upon and updates the priorities identified in the North Kent Economic Development Strategy that was published in 2009.  The two years since publication of the NKEDS have seen enormous change – change to the economy, change in the political context for economic development and change in the organisations and partnerships charged with delivering regeneration.

To take forward the economic priorities TGKP has agreed a 2012/13 Work Programme.  These are specific tasks which the Partnership are working on which will deliver Our Vision and Objectives.

The level of economic growth we aspire to for North Kent will not be delivered through growth in existing business alone. Redevelopment of the large tracts of brownfield land across the area will be crucial for achieving our ambitions and unlocking Key Development Sites is already underway, with some being taken forward by the private sector and others expecting some level of public sector intervention.

Many of the Key Development Sites also featured in the North Kent Local Investment Plan published in 2010 which identifies key priorities for public sector investment.

[insert map of key development sites]